Rules and Operation of the Club

The University Club shall be a social and recreational facility, principally for University staff and graduate students. The Club will offer accommodation, social, catering and sporting facilities to its members and their guests, with particular reference to those members who do not have access to college facilities. It will aim to provide an environment in which all members can interact both socially and professionally, regardless of institution, employment grade, or college affiliation.

The direction and control of the Club, and of the expenditure of any moneys placed at its disposal by Council, shall be exercised by a University Club Management Committee (“the Committee”) consisting of five persons appointed by the General Purposes Committee of Council, one of whom shall be appointed as Chairman by the General Purposes Committee. Others may be invited to attend meetings at the discretion of the Committee. The period of office for Committee members shall be three years: they shall be eligible for re-appointment.

The General Manager and the Committee shall consult with the Members of the Club in the design and operation of the Club’s facilities by such means as the Committee may consider appropriate.

The Committee may make rules for the conduct of its meetings and generally for the operation of the Club which are consistent with the regulations above:

The Committee shall submit a report annually to the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee of Council.

Full details see Part 11

Members and users of the University Club facility and associated grounds are expected to abide by the University’s general codes of practice as set down in University statutes.

Ordinary membership (free) is available to:

1. Staff of the University and Colleges and certain associated institutions
2. All retired University and College Staff, irrespective of University Card status
3. Persons registered as graduate students
4. Visitors, temporarily in residence or undertaking advanced study or fulfilling contractual obligations to the University.
Associate Membership can be applied for at the published fee level by:
5. Alumni of Oxford University. Membership for these applicants would only be withheld in extreme circumstances but is at the discretion of the General Manager of the Club.
6. Spouses, family and friends of Ordinary members. Membership for these applicants would only be withheld in extreme circumstances but is at the discretion of the General Manager of the Club.
7. Those who do not fall into any of the above categories but have a specific link with the University may apply in writing for membership outlining their connection and where appropriate supplying supporting signatures of existing members. Membership for these applicants is at the discretion of the General Manager of the University Club.

The determination of eligibility rules for membership and membership fees for (5, 6 and 7above) including the waiving of said fees are at the discretion of the General Manager and they retain the right to change them at any time.

The proposed methods for members to raise issues, concerns and/or complaints about the Club are set out below:

1. Operational Matters:
Issues such as cleaning, maintenance of facilities, member behaviour and anything relating to the direct day to day operation of the services in the Club, should be raised firstly with the Duty Manager and then the General Manager. The General Manager or deputy should respond within a maximum of 5 working days from any initial enquiry.< /p>

2. Policy Matters:
Issues relating to the more general operation of the club, in terms of relationship with other parts of or people in the University, charges and use of the facility or anything of a more strategic nature can be raised with the Head of Facilities Management Operations. Matters can be raised in person or through a letter sent to the Head of Facilities Management Operations c/o the Club. Any questions or queries raised through this channel will be answered in a timely fashion.

3. Club Membership
All e-mail registered Club Members will be notified in the first instance of major structural changes in the operation of the Club in a timely fashion inviting comment. Additional notices describing any proposed changes will also be posted in the Club and on the Web page.

Traditional Sports Clubs:

It is proposed that all historically hosted ‘Mansfield Rd’ sports clubs (Cricket, Football and Archery) will retain their use of the external sports grounds at Mansfield Road with no hire charge on the proviso that they also retain a majority of current staff/graduate students within their membership and the senior Committee positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer are held by current staff or graduate students. The concept of ‘Club Sections’ is no longer considered appropriate, but individual Clubs and their elected Officers are encouraged to use the appropriate consultation/ communication options shown above to discuss any matters of concern with the Club.

The intention is that arrangements for Insurance and other matters that link these Staff Sports Clubs to the University such as OUCS privileges will remain unaffected by these protocols. Details of such arrangements are to be developed through consultation with the University’s Legal Department.

Other Sports Groups/Clubs/Activities:

All other sports groups/individuals, can book the facilities when available at the standard hire rates, subject to approval of the General Manager and meeting health, safety and insurance legislations. Discounts or the complete waiving of fees may be offered to those organisations which in turn offer Club members a discount for their activities.

Clubs and activities which take place in, or around or are generally associated with the Club, can be publicised through web page and e-mail links on the University Club activity web page. Individual Club or activity pages however will not be hosted on the University Club’s web servers or site.

All sporting activities within the University Club administrated areas must meet both their respective Governing Body regulations including affiliation and the University’s sports safety guidelines in operation at the time and overseen by the Area Safety Officer Sport or nominated Officer.

The playing fields at Mansfield Road are not directly managed by the University Club although the Club is fully involved in all discussions regarding use and any activity that takes place on the field must be by arrangement with the University Sports Department. This does not affect the traditional rights of the established Mansfield Road outdoor Clubs as described above.

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