Bar Food Menu

Main Dishes

Starters And Light Bites

Soup of the day served with warm roll and butter
(please see the black board) £3.50

Warm Niçoise salad with pitta bread £4.50


  • Parmesan chicken breast £3.00
  • Smoked salmon £3.00

Breaded King prawns with baby leaf salad and Teriyaki sauce £5.95


  • Chips or curly fries £1.00

Baguette with salad and crisps

Choose from:

  • Lemony hummus and roasted veg (v) £4.95
  • Pulled pork, barbecue sauce and cheddar £5.95
  • Feather steak, tomato and red onion marmalade) £6.95

Flat chips with:
Choose one of the following fillings

  • Guacamole, bacon, cheese and fried egg £5.95
  • Pulled pork and barbecue sauce £5.95
  • Five bean chilli and cheese (v) £5.25

Nachos topped with guacamole, salsa, sour cream and cheddar £4.75


  • Pulled pork £2.50
  • Five bean chilli (v) £2.00

Add chips or curly fries to light bites for £1.00

Main Dishes

Beer battered fish and chips with peas - With lemon and tartare sauce £7.75

Gluten free penne pasta with ciabatta - Choose from:

  • Chilli chicken and red pesto sauce£6.95
  • Smoked salmon, chive, crème fraiche £7.50
  • Wild mushroom, broad beans and spinach in tomato sauce (v) £6.50

Lamb and root vegetable pie with garlic parmentier potatoes and green beans

Beer braised bockwurst with warm red cabbage slaw, sautéed bacon, potato and onions £8.50

Parmesan chicken breast topped with pesto, served with parsley mash and chantenay carrots £8.25

Thai vegetable green curry with jasmine rice and crackers (v) £6.50

Club Burgers

All our burgers are served with curly fries and salad garnish

Traditional beef burger with tomato relish £6.95

Venison burger with sliced tomato, gherkins and red onion marmalade £7.95

Chilli burger – beef burger with jalapeno, red chilli harissa and red Leicester

Falafel and spinach burger with hummus (v) £6.50

Burger Toppings:

Extra burger for £2.00

Extra: Cheese / bacon / fried egg for 75p each


Bowl of chips or curly fries
(Add cheese or bacon for 75p each) £3.00

Bowl of onion rings with sweet chilli dip £3.00

Bowl of seasonal vegetables£1.75

Small side salad £1.50

Cheese platter: 3 types of cheese, crackers, grapes and pickle £5.50

Bowl of mixed olives £1.95


  • In-house chefs
  • Variety of menu choices
  • Heathier options
  • Fairtrade coffee
  • Airy space
  • Friendly staff
  • Outside location

Lunch Service:

Monday to Friday
12.00 to 2.00pm
take away as well as
in-house café service

Continental Breakfast:

Monday to Friday
07.30 to 10.30am