University club gets green impact status

“The University club has only been on the green impact team for a short time but the progress they seemed to have made is impressive. The staff all seem fully invested in the idea, adding some excellent suggestions in the meetings such as adding recycling bins not only to the shared areas but also to room floors.”
Green Impact Assessor
June 2017

What is the Green Impact scheme?

Green Impact is an environmental accreditation scheme that brings together staff and students across the University to play an active role in improving the sustainable practices of their office, building or department. At the end of the year – joined by the Vice-Chancellor – teams, students and management come together to celebrate the part they have played in creating a positive impact at the University.

Now in its fourth year of running, Green Impact is open to teams of all sizes, across the university: any office, building, department, laboratory or college can participate.

Over 3,000 sustainable actions have been completed so far by over 40 teams across the University as a result of Green Impact - and it’s not just taking place at Oxford. Over 60 universities participated in Green Impact last year, and this number is only set to grow.

What have the club done to reduce their environmental impact?

At the University club we have implemented a number of initiatives to help reduce our environmental impact these have included:

  • Using WRAPit – WRAPit (Waste Action Reuse Portal) this has helped us to reuse and recycle surplus or redundant resources. This has included office furniture, equipment, stationery, accessories and printer consumables.
  • Improved waste segregation – the most important reason for waste management is the protection of the environment and the health of the population. To do our bit we have introduced a new system of waste segregation with different bins on different floors throughout the building.
  • Reducing our energy costs – we are working to do this in a number of ways, one has been to introduce timers for the boiler so it does not run continuously.
  • Raising the importance of sustainability with all our team members – through the Green Impact scheme, green issues and improvements are regularly discussed to ensure sustainability remains front of mind.

What are we committing to do at the club in the future?

We achieved Bronze status for the University club in June 2017 and are now working towards Silver status which will require us to think about more ways to reduce our environmental impact. If you have any suggestions as to what you think we should be doing, please contact us on T: 01865 271044 or E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Closure of first and second floor of club from 13 March until further notice

You may or may not be aware that the University recently announced the closure of the Tinbergen Building due to the presence of asbestos in certain parts of the building. This affects a number of departments.

As a result some Tinbergen staff are being re-housed on the first and second floor of the club from Wednesday 15 March for the foreseeable future. We are working to prepare the space for them from the 13 March.

This means that the first floor meeting room space and bedroom accommodation will not be available from 13 March and we are in the process of contacting all users affected by this. The ground floor cafe and bar remain open for business as usual as do the sports facilities.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this causes.

Should you have any issues or concerns then please contact the Club on T: 01865 271044 E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Form Submission Received

Thank you for getting in touch. We have received your submission and will be in touch shortly.

The University Club

Important building information

The University Club and its staff warmly welcome you and your group to the Club. The safety and wellbeing of our members, visitors and hirers is of paramount importance to us, therefore, the Club has produced some guidance to help you plan a safe and enjoyable visit.

Should you need any more information please contact us.

Beer Menu

Belgian Beers

Straffe Hendrik Wild, 9%
330 ml - £4.75

Straffe Hendrik Wild is a wild version of the famous Straffe Hendrik Tripel. The traditional tripel beer is refermented with a wild Brettanomyces yeast, that creates unusual fruity aromas in harmony with the rich use of aromatic hop varieties.

Vichtenaar, 5.1%, Verhaeghe
330 ml - £3.50

The “Vichtenaar” is a traditional and typical beer for West Flanders, in the Northwest of Belgium. It is also one of the last old-Flemish red-brown beers which are matured in oak casks and is especially appreciated for its authenticity.

This is a beautifully dark brown beer fully rounded with touches of chocolate, banana, liquorice and raisins. It has a sweet taste and aroma with noticeable accents of port.

TOYE Goedendag, 8%
330 ml - £3.95

A strong blond beer with aromas of ripe bananas and floral hops. Gentle bitterness and powerful character mask the strength in the alcohol.

Triple Karmeliet, 8.4%
330 ml - £4.75

This is a very refined and complex golden-to-bronze brew with lightness and freshness of wheat, and the creaminess of oats together with a spicy, lemony, almost quinine dryness.

St Bernardus Extra 4, 4.8% (Enkel or Single Belgian)
330 ml - £3.75

The Extra 4 is brewed in the classic ‘single’ style and is a light gold coloured beer with a high fermentation, bottle conditioned and full of flavours. It is brewed with more hops than usual for the other beers of Brewery St. Bernardus.

Kasteel Donker, 11%
330 ml - £5.50

A beautifully dark brown beer fully rounded with touches of chocolate, banana, liquorice and raisins. It has a sweet taste and aroma with noticeable accents of port.

De Struise Aestatis 11%
330 ml - £5.95

An Imperial Saison beer by De Struise Brouwers, a brewery in Oostvleteren. A uniquely flavoured Imperial Saison with a yeasty character and zesty citrus edge. Well hopped and nicely bitter with an interesting floral finish.

International Selection

Final frontier Double IPA, 9% - Denmark
330 ml - £5.95

This is an extremely potent and yet well balanced Double India Pale Ale. Hopped with Simcoe, Centenniel and Columbus.

Lervig Brewers Reserve Sverd i Fjell Triple IPA, 10.5%% - Norway
330 ml - £4.95

There is enough malt character in this otherwise hop blast of a beer to make it very balanced. It has tropical and fruity aromas.

Black Baal 14% - Denmark
330 ml - £8.95

Black Triple IPA brewed with coffee. Weighing in at a mighty 14% ABV, have pushed this beer to the max, pumping it full of Simcoe and Centennial hops, Rye malts and whole coffee beans to produce a dark beast of a beer.

Lervig 3 Bean Stout 13% - Norway
330 ml - £5.95

Tonka, Vanilla and Cocoa beans all do their part in making this a truly complex and unique stout while delivering the dark quality of a proper stout. Brewed with Way Beer from Brazil.

Stone Delicious IPA, 7.7% - USA
330 ml – £3.95

Pleasantly bitter, deliciously citrusy, hop-driven IPA, it’s a flavourful, cutting-edge, modern-day IPA for everyone. Lemondrop and El Dorado hops provide plenty of fruity citrus character and a burst of hop zing that sings on the palate.

Einstok Toasted Porter, 6% - Iceland
330 ml – £4.25

With notes of coffee and dark chocolate, this Porter is roasty and rich, with a robust, yet smooth body. Toasted malts give it a sinister black colour, but its crisp taste will linger on the palate. Brewed with Icelandic coffee.

German Beers

Andechs Hefe Weiss, 5.5%
500 ml - £4.50

In open fermentation with the natural fermentation yeast “Hefetrüb” untreated, it is a top-fermented beer for the connoisseur. Naturally cloudy with distinct fruits and spices.

Schlenkerla Rauchbier Weizen, 5.5%
500 ml - £4.50

An ale with a light smokey aroma. As most Bavarian wheat beers, it is being brewed with a mixture of both barley malt and wheat malt. Served unfiltered with its natural haziness, Schlenkerla Wheat reaches its full aroma through bottle fermentation with fine top fermenting yeast.

Augustiner Helles, 5.2%
500 ml - £4.50

The Helles is the classic Munich beer, a light lager style beer, very crisp and soft with notes of citrus and hops with a slightly sweet finish.

Jever Pilsener, 4.9%
500 ml - £4.50

Jever typifies the very dry style of pilsner from Friesland in the north-west corner of Germany and this remarkable beer is lagered for an impressive 90 days.

Paulaner Dunkel Lager, 5%
500 ml - £4.50

Dark golden colour and wonderfully full flavour are the results of the traditional bottom- fermented brewing process using dark quality barley malt.

Rothaus Tannenzäpfle, 5.1%
330 ml - £3.95

The first Rothaus beer to emerge with a label depicting “Biergit”, the Black Forest girl holding two glasses of beer. Today, “Biergit” is the defining symbol for all beers made by the Rothaus Brewery. A refreshing beer from a micro-brewery.


Siren Hilly Billy, 9%
300 ml - £5.95

An experimentation with wood and beer, Hillbilly Wine is a complex, full-flavoured IPA with passionfruit for a distinctive and slightly tart edge.

Siren Barrel Aged Caribbean Chocolate Cake, 8.4%
330 ml - £5.95

Tropical Stout with cacao nibs, cypress wood and lactose brewed in collaboration with Cigar City Brewing. Aged in Bourbon Barrels for 12 months.

Thornbridge Bracia, 10%
500 ml - £7.95

Bracia is the Celtic name for a beverage brewed in Iron Age Europe with reference found on a Roman inscription at Haddon Hall, Derbyshire. Velvety and rich, with notes of coffee, chocolate, liquorice and hazelnuts with warming alcohol, cocoa and a little peat in the finish.

BrewDog Jack Hammer, 7.2%
330 ml - £4.50

A massively hopped, very bitter IPA, with a colossal grapefruit aroma. Brewed with some of America’s premium hops, the full mouthfeel, intensity and after taste mask the strength of the beer.

Wild Beer / 8 Wired Black and Blue, 5%,
330 ml - £4.50

A collaboration between a New Zealand and a UK brewery, part of the annual ‘Rainbow project’. A raw ale, un-hopped and un-boiled, fermented and aged in re-toasted bourbon casks for an extra charred flavour alongside brisk acidity from fermentation with in- house cultures in barrels for over 6 months. A deliciously sour beer.


Happily NYK 5.2% - LAM brewing, Kennington, Oxford
330 ml - £2.95

A very hoppy IPA with American hops. Loaded with cascade to offer a punchy aroma.

Rye Not? 6.2% - LAM brewing, Kennington, Oxford
330 ml - £3.25

A sassy Rye IPA with crisp hoppy notes. Plenty of citrus, lemony flavour in the after taste.

Coronavirus Update

Due to the Coronavirus, we have closed the club and shut down all facilities.

For further updates on the University’s response to the virus please visit our dedicated web page